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Tai Chi Art Tutoring by
Thomas Nowakowski
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Tai Chi Chuan


Many people now feel that their harmony with nature is lost and are
trying in some way to get it back.
Many have the feeling that the problem has something to do with freedom and
they are trying to get this freedom back so as to achieve that lost harmony.

For many people the problem is connected with the confusion of modern times.
But that is not true.
The problem of harmony and freedom is as old as human civilization and people have always been trying to solve it.
Thousands of years before the present time they found a strange paradox.
The way to freedom lies only through the utmost discipline.

All old paths are rooted in this paradox and one of those ways is the way of Tai Chi chuan.
To free the movement of your mind and body you have to follow old patterns of movement,
which were developed by generations of masters.
You have to learn them step by step,
you have to repeat them after your teacher till you feel that your old bad habits of using your body,
instead of being it, are broken.

That is the way.

Thomas Nowakowski - Shapes of Balance

Basic Ideas of our School

The number of people who are interested in Tai Chi chuan is increasing every year.
This ancient Chinese system of meditation in motion not only helps to deal with diseases caused by present way of living but also to get back a lost feeling of wholeness, a lost feeling of harmony.
Only very few schools in Europe teach this art in the traditional way, which means without music,
without shortcuts and without promises of early achievement.
Of course, you can achieve some results in one or two years, but as a whole, the way of Tai Chi chuan was and still is a long journey. And that is the main goal of our school:
not just provide you with the basic skills in a short workshop,
but rather to guide you on a traditional way, on a long journey.
For those, who want to know what Tai Chi chuan is and how it works we have open classes.
For those, who want to go further we have a program over years.
The open group is for those who want to get personal experience of what Tai Chi chuan is,
or for those who want to practise it just from time to time.
People who have already decided to approach Tai Chi chuan more seriously can join a closed group
and so they become students of the school.
This means more training but at the same time more duties, as they are expected to take part in lessons regularly.
They are supposed to practise daily and take part in the activities of the school.
They have personal meetings with the master of the School and they are given their personal task to fulfil.
That is the way Tai Chi chuan is taught in our school.

Tai Chi San Feng Style
Relatively unknown unique style from the southern China.
The basic practice of this style consists of two forms:
Father form and Mother form.
Father form is divided in two parts. The first one is called The Nine Small Heavens
and works with all body joints.
The second one,
The Nine Palaces, deals with breath, balance and the principles of rooting.
Both are based on the ancient Dao-in style.
Mother form uses (works with) eight trigrams in the hands
and five elements under the feet.
Together they give thirteen basic forms of Tai Chi.
There are more forms in the San Feng style, but they are all based on the Father and the Mother.

Yang Style
Traditional 108 forms, push hands, Tai Chi fencing.


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